IZAKAYA NARU 沖縄料理を中心に、日本の居酒屋文化をハワイへ! IZAKAYA NARU in Honolulu Hawaii.We will be waiting with Okinawan and Japanese cuisin.ハワイホノルルの和食居酒屋「成ル」では、日本の食材を使った本格的な和食から、またハワイでは珍しい沖縄料理もお楽しみいただけます。 topicsトピックス Our Mission Izakaya Naru staff

"Perpetuate Japanese Izakaya traditions to the world"

We decided to expand this restaurant because we would like to share this experience of Japanese Izakaya dining with everyone in the world.

As we establish Izakaya Naru as a brand and as a cultural phenomenon, we aim to create a positive impact on societies across the globe.

We will form our unique world, one that is filled with comfort, kindness, fun, energy, honesty, and the possibility of self-actualization through a corporate culture of strength and structure to grow vigorously and steadily in this profound and essential, yet common, aspect of every culture, food.

Asia Kitchen Hawaii Inc., opens its very first restaurant Izakaya Naru in Honolulu, Hawaii to attract and serve local residents and visitors from around the world.

Hawaii is a dynamic destination with a population of 800,000 that hosts another 7 million in annual visitors. Hawaii has a multi-cultural setting to attract worldwide wishes, welcomed and enjoyed by its people.

We selected Hawaii as the flagship to launch our endeavor to perpetuate Izakaya traditions.

Presiden Eiji Yoshizaki

成ル ホノルル店へのお問合せは、上記の電話番号か日本国内の店舗へお気軽にお電話ください。
渋谷「成ル」 03-3406-7337
渋谷「巌」 03-3461-1800
三軒茶屋「三茶氣」 03-5779-3338
三軒茶屋「35番」 03-3412-3533

Open PM05:30~AM02:00
Holyday None
Place 2700 S.KING St. HONOLULU HAWAII 96826
Contact TEL (808)951-0510
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